From among the papers presented at the event, after a scientific blind peer review, the selected texts will be published as an e-book, by UA Editora, with an ISBN, and will be made available in the open access repository of the University of Aveiro.

The texts for the e-book should be sent, in both Word and PDF, until the 20th of February 2023, to the email address  

The texts should conform to the following guidelines:

Accepted languages: the same languages of the Conference: Portuguese, French, Spanish and English.

Formatting: Garamond type size 12; spacing of 1.5 between lines; upper and lower margins of 2.5 cm; right and left margins of 3 cm; paragraph indentation of 1.25.

Headline: title, name(s), institution(s), abstract up to 100 words, 5 keywords. Title, abstract and keywords must be in the language of the article and in English. If the article is in English, please include these items in one of the other languages of the conference as well.

Bibliographical references: only those referred to in the text, and these must follow APA. 7 guidelines. Please access the tutorial at:

Number of pages: from 12 to 25, including graphs, figures, annexes and bibliographic references.

The images sent are the responsibility of the respective authors and should have high resolution.